Maja Boot

About Maja

Maja Boot paints with visible passion and has a strong preference for maritime themes. That is why it can regularly be found on the Wadden Islands. In this environment that is so inspiring to her, she often paints plein-air subjects such as the beach, the sea, the dunes and even fishing in the way that is so characteristic for her. Her current style of painting is the matured result of years of experimenting with color schemes and contrasts, and the application of unexpected materials. The painting series ‘Dry Boats on the Wad’ is exemplary of Maja Boot’s eccentric painting style. It is a robust collection, which seems to have been eaten away by salt and rust. In this series of paintings, coarse materials such as pieces of wood, shells, ash, pigment, colored earth, sand, jute, rope and even sailcloth have been processed. Completely intuitive, Maja Boot sometimes roughens up some parts of these layers. Until she thinks the canvas is ready. Her paintings are therefore powerful, authentic and stylish and have an unmistakable artistic signature; that of Maya Boot!

Maja Boot’s paintings are also internationally loved and adorn walls in Germany, Belgium, America, England, Russia, France, Switzerland and Portugal. Maja Boot also paints on commission for companies and private individuals in her characteristic style.

Maja Boot and the Papageno House in Laren
Maja Boot has been giving painting lessons for a number of years with young people with autism in the Papagenohuis in Laren. She is also closely involved in initiating and realizing art projects within this foundation.
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Maja Boot and the Children’s Art Academy
Maja Boot is the initiator of the “Kinder Kunst Akademie” foundation, where she has realized non-profit painting and art projects for children with disabilities. Many Kunstprojekten have been realized with young children, among others at the Trappenberg Huizen, Koninklijke Fisio Huizen, Rotary Huizen Oostermeent, Kiwani’s Laren, Droomboom Blaricum period was from 2004-2018 “”